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Visit our Smoke Shop in Downtown Palm Springs
Large selection of Smoking Metal Tobacco Pipes, Wooden Tobacco Pipes, Glass Pipes, Water Tobacco Pipes, Hookah  
and Large selection of Smoking Accessories.

Tobacco Pipes

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Tobacco Pipes

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Bings Smoke Shop located at
342 N. Palm Canyon Dr. 
Palm Springs, Ca. 92234
About 250 ft. away from Hyatt Hotel
(between Alejo & Amado St.)
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You can buy any of the products right here on our site using a Visa, Mastercard  You must be 18 years or over to enter our smoke shop.

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Smoking Metal Tobacco Pipes, Smoking Wooden Tobacco Pipes,
Smoking Glass Pipes, Smoking Water Tobacco Pipes, Hookah  

If anyone asks me when exactly was a smoking pipe invented. Well I must say, probably no one will be able to give a definite answer to this question. Smoking pipe prevails since ancient times. People smoke a pipe to relax themselves. The aroma of tobacco is very prominent when someone is smoking pipe around you. Men and women smoke pipe and there are different types of pipes they use based on their choice. We have all types of smoking pipes for sale and have an excellent collection of different types of smoking pipes. Hand pipe is used by many and is a very common tobacco pipe. Other than a hand pipe and smoking accessories we have smoking pipes which are at times difficult to find in the market. At Bings smoke shop you are sure to find all types of smoking pipes and tobacco pipes.

Following is the list of smoking pipes we have for sale.

  • Metal pipe – the metal pipe is made of different metals like steel, brass, iron, copper, etc. The finish looks like metal and inside you can store the tobacco and has an outlet from which the smoker can inhale smoke.
  • Wooden pipe – There are different types of wooden smoke pipes. To name a few, cannabis wooden pipe, it has a slender pipe and the base looks strong and sturdy. Ebony wooden pipe, this is made of ebony wood and is very hard. It looks decent and stylish. Ganja wooden pipe resembles the shape of a Ganja pipe, Golden wooden pipe has golden rings circulating the pipe all around and it resembles a magic wand. It is very artistic and beautiful. Most wooden pipes are made of different types of wood such as, rose wood, mango wood, sandal wood etc. And the wood gives a fresh look and smells good and hence, feels good. Wooden Tobacco Pipe is also helpful for ventilation due to the wooden pores and is found in many varieties and designs.
  • ProtopipeProto pipe is said to be the oldest types of pipes and is also considered one of the best smoke pipes. Protopipe is easy to use and can be dismantled. It is easy to clean as well.
  • Water pipe – water pipe which is also called a hookah. Water pipes are of different types and are mostly made of glass. They were mostly used by Mugals and gradually became very famous. The water pipe makes gurgling sound when you smoke it. The tobacco is filtered and mixed with water vapor to let out white thick smoke. The water pipe is made of different glasses and designs. They look very beautiful and are also used to decorate homes and hotels. Water pipe is also called as bong.
  • Dug out Tobacco Pipe – Dug out tobacco pipe is made of wood and is either rectangular or cylindrical in shape. The Dugout Tobacco Pipe can be divided into two compartments. The larger compartment stores the herbs while the smaller compartment stores the pipe. Dugout tobacco pipe looks more or less like a cigarette and is most of the times painted in gold or yellow and white on the stem to resemble a cigarette.

At Bings smoke shop you will not only get smoking pipes but also all smoking accessories. You can order for your smoking pipe online or you can visit Bings smoke shop. We also sell tobacco and herbs grinders. These grinders are used to grind tobacco, herbs, tea leaves, coffee and coca too. These grinders are very small and can be carried in your pockets or purses. These grinders are also very fancy and have different images and designs on their covers. They are very convenient and handy. Once you purchase your pipe you will also need a pipe cleaner to clean your pipe regularly. We have different types of pipe cleaners too, which will clean the pipe you have as and when you want it to be cleaned.

There are many glass figured pipes as well. These pipes are made of glass and look really very nice. These pipes can also be used as gifts. They are not very costly and if you know that the person you are to buy a gift for smokes a pipe. He will love the gift and will remember you whenever he smokes. You can also gift the other pipes like the wooden tobacco pipe or the metal tobacco pipe. Smoking is said to be injurious to health, however only a smoker knows how a smoke can relax him. Most of these smoking pipes are made of craft work, and the designs engraved on them are handmade and hence, they look so very beautiful. Most pipes are long lasting and very convenient. Men who know how to use a pipe correctly will understand the proper functioning of the pipe. You have to make sure you first learn how to use a pipe properly before you can buy one for your-self. After all you can take the real pleasure of smoking only if you know how to smoke your pipe correctly.

At Bing smoke shop you can have a look at various smoke pipes we have for sale and other smoke accessories. When you smoke the pipe you generally do not need an ash tray. However, if you frequently smoke cigarettes, we have lovely ash trays for sale. You can buy most of your products online as well, and we will ensure we deliver them to you on time. You can also call us up for any questions or queries and we will be glad to assist you. You can also send us your reviews or complaints if any, regarding our products. We will try our best to implement your suggestions and try to make a difference every time we can. Once you have used our product you will for sure come back to us, this is our guarantee. We have a huge list of our regular customers who are satisfied with our services. We understand our customer’s needs and we make sure we do the best we can to keep all our customers happy all always. 

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Please Visit our Smoke Shop in Palm Springs we have a large selection of Smoking accessories Tobacco pipes, Stash Cans, Body Detox, and more ...

If you are 18 or older  
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