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Stash Safe

Welcome to Online Smoke Shop. We carry a wide variety of safe stash cans, battles stash, battery stash, large selection of stash.

Visit our Smoke Shop in Downtown Palm Springs
Large selection of stash cans and smoking accessories.

Bings Smoke Shop located at
342 N. Palm Canyon Dr. 
Palm Springs, Ca. 92234
About 250 ft. away from Hyatt Hotel
(between Alejo & Amado St.)

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safe Stash Can, battery stash, stash


You can buy any of Safe Stash Cans and Bottles by Visa, Mastercard  You must be 18 years or over to enter our smoke shop.
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safe Stash Can, battery stash, stash


Safe Stash Cans

we carry large selection of Stash Cans, 7up stash can, Coca Cola Stash, Pepsi stash cans, Monster Stash Can, Red Bull Stash Can, Mountain Dew stash Can, Mountain Dew stash Bottles, Arizona Tea Stash Can, WD-40 Stash Can, Dr. Pepper Stash safe cans, Hair Spray Stash Can, Aquafina Bottle Water Stash, Battery Stash, Tire Inflator stash safe cans, Sunkist Stash Cans , Pringles Stash Can   

Stash Can

Since we were kids, we all had a habit to save our money in our piggy bank. However, these days we use better means to save our money. We put them in banks or safes. In our home, it’s always our mom who has a habit of hiding money and valuables in different places. The best way to hide your money and valuables is to make use of tins, bowls and all common items to hide them. It is very unlikely for anyone to find your hiding place or even suspect where you have hidden your treasure. We have excellent collection on stash cans where in you can hide your jewelry, money in notes and coins, buttons, beads, pearls, etc. We have a huge collection of stash cans and you can pick the ones you like and use regularly in your day to day life.

Following is the collection of our different stash cans we have for sale.

  • Soda stash can – As the name suggests, this stash can looks exactly like a soda can. No one can ever suspect that you store all your hidden treasure in a soda can. There are no advertisements or dates displayed on this soda can and hence it can be used for a long time. This soda stash can looks like your regular soda can and can be opened by pulling off the lid on top. These soda stash cans are available in the form of coke, 7-up, red-bull, Pepsi, fruit juice cans, etc.
  • Bottle stash – This is bottle shaped stash which can hold all you small contents like tablets, coins, notes, etc. Just like you open the bottle you have to twist the bottle cover. Bottle stash comes in different colors and shapes of bottles. You have a wide range of variety to choose from them all.
  • Mini stash can – These stash cans are small in size. The mini stash can will be able hold real small things like pearls, buttons, tablets, etc. Mini stash can comes handy for women who like to keep their earrings and broaches safely. A mini stash can will hold your stuff and keep it safe for you. 
  • Battery stash – This is an amazing stash. No one will ever be able to suspect your hiding place to be inside a battery. The battery stash looks like our common Duracell battery and has the exact shape and color of it. The battery stash can be opened by twisting the middle part of the stash. It opens into two halves. You can store your valuables inside it and twist to close it again.
  • Monster stash can – The monster stash can looks exactly like our Monster cans and are also available in the green and blue colors. In order to open the Monster stash can you will have to pull the lid on he top and it will open up. You can store whatever you like and close the lid again by pressing it.
  • Fake Cigarette Stash – As the names again states, it is a fake cigarette stash, which exactly resembles a cigarette. The cigarette stash is mostly used to save tobacco in it. It holds the amount of tobacco which you can use for a whole cigarette. In order to open a cigarette stash, you should unwind the bud of the cigarette stash and it opens up into two parts. Twist the bud again to close it. 

We also have stash jar and stash can ready for sale. Whatever be your requirement we make sure we give you the best stash cans we have. The specialty of our stashes is that they resemble the copied product exactly. No one will ever be able to recognize the difference between the stash can and the original product. The stash cans are made of original materials and hence the resemblance is so similar. The paint or the color of the stash can will never disappear or fade. It will look the same every time. You can store your stash along with other original products in your shelves or you can even keep it in your refrigerator. All these stash cans are portable and can be carried along when you are traveling around. A stash can is not really big and can be carried in your bag, or purse, you can keep it in your car and also in your office. A stash can also be an amazing gift for your friends or family members. You can surprise them with a stash can and tell them to hide their personnel stuff in a stash can.

The making these stash cans is not really very simple. The material used is original as per the product copied. The inside of the can is cleaned thoroughly and then dried and sealed well. The stash is also weighed accurately as per the weight of the original product. Thus, it not only looks like the original product but it weighs the same as well. So whenever you lift your stash can you will feel the same weight as compared to the real product. There is a lot of creativity put to use when creating these stashes. 

Our stash cans are also very reasonable when it comes to prizes. All our stash cans have very attractive rates and are affordable. In order to hide your valuables our stashes are really convenient. They are accepted in the market and are purchased by many customers. They keep coming back for more. We have new brands coming up regularly, when there are new stash cans prepared of new products. You can visit our website regularly for our new releases and products of stash cans. If you have any questions or queries you may always feel free to either call us, email us or write to us on our postal address. We also take orders in bulk. So if you want many stash cans you can place an order and we will make sure you get your delivery on time.  


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